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They cancelled my flight from Kauai to Honolulu in December 2009. I have still not received my refund.

Furthermore, their customer service department has put it on me to call them back every time I want to know the status. Their account department claims that a refund was issued in March, but I have checked my statement, along with calling my credit card company...but no refund was given. Just to be clear, Mokulele Airlines cancelled my flight a few hours before boarding, forcing me to purchase a second flight home from another airlines, but will not give me my money back.

I consider that stealing. I will never fly with them again.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Poor poor Customer service i was 45 min early should have made my flight but the check in attendant had to restart the computer. He walked away and decided to come back just as the flight was about to leave. They said i couldn't make it so they said i had to hop on the next one which was 6 hours later. Waited for the next one i guess it ended up being full so they said I needed to come back tomorrow and that there would be a 30$ fee.

Came back the next day, the 30$ fee ended up being 70$ because they said I had to buy a whole new ticket. Tried to buy it but the lady on the phone said I couldn't make that plane which was funny cause the plane hadn't even arrived yet. She I would have to wait for the next flight 6 hours later... FAT CHANCE, like i'm dumb enough to do That all over again.

I flew with Hawaiian Airlines instead, much better customer service its definitely worth the 5 extra dollars. (Verses how much money I wasted on the original ticket, a hotel for the night, and the 2nd ticket so I could just get home.) NEVER AGAIN :? :? :?


I actually don't want to give this company any star cuz I had a really horrible experience with this company. My first trial was accepted, even they gave me a really small aircraft (9 seats only!!!).

It is unsafe but I accepted that. However, my second flight was from Kauai to Honolulu. I bought my ticket 2 months ago. My flight was depaturing at 12:05pm.

I finished my check in at 11: 25 am. During my check in, they didn't mention anything about my flight which was actually oversold tickets. Even it was supposed to board at 11:30 am, when I got into the gate, I was waiting for 20 minutes in line (that was around 12:00 pm). When I got to the flight, they called me, saying that they oversold tickets, and since I was the last one to check in, I have to get off from the plane.

In the plane, they promised me to pick me up when they come back, but when I were on the ground, as one of their "SUPERVISOR" showed up, she TRIED to SOLVE my problem saying I have to purchase another tickets by myself if I want to do my connection to Toronto on time. That's insane!!!!!! That's not a solution. They is robbing!!!!

Their service peole on ground were rude too. They might say bad thing about you in front you and if you get mad, they just said:" if you are being mad on me, I will turn away!!!" I was so mad about this experience and even I was back to call the customer care which is supposed to CARE us, their attitude was not satisfying. They just asked me to send request through email and it's ganna take me a least a month to get reply. Such an ***!!!!

So what's the point to have telephone service!!!!!

Overall, I have really good time in Hawaii, but with such a company, I'm ganna say they will ruin you journey. So if you consider a pleasant vocation in Hawaii, don't think of saving such little money, pay more to Hawaiian Airline, get rid of Go!Mokulele, let them die by themselve!!!


I live on Maui and travel frequently to Honolulu. I have had so many terrible experiences with GO, I can't begin to tell you.

The Honolulu counter folks are the exact opposite of Aloha.

Rude, tita, useless. If GO is the only option, I will not fly that day.


This airline has the worst customer service ever! I would probably give it a rating of zero if there was one.... I probably should have read the reviews about this airline before booking because it cost our family $300 more and over 5 hours at the Hilo airport with 2 children aged 6 and 8. Here is what happened:

On Friday, March 18th, 2011, my family and I were scheduled to fly from Hilo, Hawaii to Honolulu, Hawaii on Mokulele. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 5:00pm. When we arrived at the ticket counter at 2:30pm, we were informed that the flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. We were asked if “we got a message”. We had not been called and we did not receive any messages. The ticket agents were offering to put us on another flight the next day and pay for hotel costs but due to our vacation plans, we had already booked and prepaid a hotel and rental car in Honolulu. They also suggested we might try another airline.

So, we booked another flight to Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines. Due to last minute booking fares… it cost us $300 more. Hawaiian Airlines were very friendly and tried to really accommodate us on earlier flights but it just wasn't possible.....

This was a great inconvenience to us because the only flight we could get booked on was leaving at 8:21pm. This meant that we were at the airport for 5+ hours with our two children (ages 6 and 8) until our flight left and we did not arrive into Honolulu until 9:10pm. We did not get to our hotel until 10:30pm and we missed a planned dinner.

We contacted 'customer service' at Mokulele Airline and their response was:

Thank you for contacting Go! Mokulele Customer Care. We are sympathetic to the situation that you have described and we are sorry to have given a poor impression of our operations. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and when it fails to meet their expectations, it’s important for us to know. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience that occurred to your travel plans....

They went on to quote that it is in their 'contract' that it is not they are not responsible for delays, schedule changes…. Basically, TOO BAD….

They refunded us the original airfare but would not give us the difference in the cost of booking another flight with Hawaiian… even though… they would have booked us into a hotel for the night, paid for meals and travel costs to put us on the next flight out which was the next day…. Having us stay for the night and all the associated costs would have been MORE than the $300 that we were requesting.

I requested that my case be forwarded to upper management and this was their response:

I forwarded your claim to Upper Management for further review as discussed. Your request for the difference in airfare has been denied. No further consideration will be taken. This is a final decision. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience that occurred to your travel plans.

Mokulele has no sense of business costs and GOOD customer service. This is quite evident in the BAD reviews online (they are everywhere…. VERY few good ones). I know my review will not make a difference to Mokulele but I hope it will just add to all the BAD reviews and make more people think TWICE about booking with them..

A very angry Mother with a family that is now $300 less because Mokulele does not care about their customers.


Here's all you need to know. Type in Mokulele airlines review into google.

And one of the first returns on the list is Pissed Consumer...enough said! They are just awful. Cancelled flights, no customer service, and people working the counters that seem to have an ability to bring hatred out in even the most calm and collected individual. This company is run by inept trolls.

They are part of the dark side! Steer clear.


This airline, if you can call them an airline...must be stopped! My beautiful bride and myself were on our honeymoon and thought a day trip from Kona to Honolulu would be a nice addition to our Hawaiian adventure.

Going over was was ok, about a half hour delay but we got there. Our return flight never came. We were suppose to leave at 7 pm, got there to check in and found that the flight was delayed until midnight. So we took a $40 cab ride to go eat.

Returned to the airport and found that most of the

flights were being cancelled. So we waited, and surprise surprise they cancelled our flight as well. Then they informed us that they couldn't get us back to Kona for 2 days. Then they cancelled our rescheduled flight.

I would still be in Hawaii if I would have waited for Mokulele to fly us out. I booked with Hawaii airlines and flew out the next morning. Of a 7 day honeymoon in Hawaii, this airlines is the only thing I was not happy with. Avoid them at all cost.

And getting to talk to anyone in customer service is impossible. They cost me $500 in missed hotel stays, car rental, and additional plane tickets.


Go Mokulele cancelled our flight due to mechanical issues then issued us with boarding passes the next flight 2 hours later, giving us just enough time to make our connection in HNL if everything went well. When we attempted to board were told we were only on stand by with 17 other people, and we would not be on that flight or any other flight that day.

They told us no other arilines with which they had reciprocal arrangements could accomodate us and that we should come back tomorrow. We took matters into our own hands and booked our own seats at our own cost on another airline so that we would not be at their mercy tomorrow. A 25 minute trip to HNL ended up taking 10 hours.

Our bags are still AWOL and we hold little hope of ever seeing them again. It is unclear if the Go Mokulele staff in both Lihue and HNL are deliberatly obtuse or extremely unintelligent, this was easily the worst experience with an airline I have ever had the misfortune to experience.


Just returned from a 3 Island trip to Hawaii. I too made the mistake of booking Mokulele. When I arrinved 1 Hour 45 minutes before my flight I was told that it had just taken off. After spending 2 hours at the counter I was booked on the am flight. The ticket agent told me that this happened because they didn't have any contact info for me to tell me about the schedule change. I then asked "How did you manage to email me my ticket receipt ?"

Flight from Maui to Kona was a prop plane that our bags wouldn't fit on. Had to buy tickets on another airline so we could take our bags along. No offer of any refund was made by the airline.

Next trip.....I will avoid Mokulele at any and all cost. Nightmare !


Based on my personal experience in Septebmer 2010, I would also strongly recommend not to fly GoMokulele. In fact, the lack of "customer service" or basic courtesy GoMokulele has displayed damped my travel experience and impression of Hawaii:

(1) Their quote-end-quote "customer service" is supposed to be extension 6, but when I hit "6", no one ever answered the phone.

Folks, there was even no answering message at all, nothing that at least says "Thank you for calling. We will be right with you"...

(2) If you've been to Hawaii, you know how these small planes operate - the so-called "gates" are stinky,hall-inthe-wall space, semi-open air where you wait, staring at the dirty carpet, and they have you walk in open air, on the side of the landing field/landing patch, to get in the plane.

I arrived at the Gate 10 minutes prior to the departure time, and could see the plane in clear sight through the window, it's 1-minute walk from where I was! But the GoMokulele rep insisted the plane has "left" - blatant lie, and I should have arrived 90-minute before then to check in. I'd agree with that *IF* it's a large plane and longer flight, this flight was a small plane, and between the islands. He insisted there's not enough time to let me pass through that tiny door to my plane in plain sight and that I'd have to get on the next plane 2 hours later.

An hour later, when I got to the other waiting room, the GoMokulele's rep arrogantly replied with a pouting face, "We require a one-hour-and-half time check-in. Just because a smaller plane doesn't mean you would not need the long check-in time."


I've just had a 8.45am flight between Honolulu and Kona later this month rescheduled to 11.45am, which means that my daytrip to the Big Island is now a half-day trip. I asked for a refund (the product they're now providing is not the same one I orginally purchased) but they won't provide one.

The will let me use the credit within 12 months but that's of no use as I'm not going to fly back from Australia just to use their ticket.

So now I have 2 choices, I can take the rescheduled flight and have a much shorter daytrip, or I accept that this airlines has sold me worthless tickets and that they've wasted US$200 of my money.

Folks, don't chance it with Mokulele... book with hawaiian instead.

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